About The Practice

The intention behind this embodied Spiritual practice is to come to know yourself and live from within your intact, essential nature. Living in this integrated state opens the necessary portals to meet anything you encounter in your life with wellness.

This Spiritual practice falls under the teachings of Michele Ley (www.spiritualessentials.ca ) Michele has been a healer, a reader and a teacher of Spiritual awareness for over 30 years. I have been a student under her umbrella for almost 8 years and I continue to train with her every week. I completed my Teacher Training Certification program with Michele in December of 2010.

This practice doesn’t fall under any particular label or religion however these tools and this curriculum have been developed and refined over many decades.

These tools can be useful to those who are new to developing a meditation practice as well as those who are currently working with another spiritual or meditation practice.


Whatever happens. Whatever

what is, is- is what

I want. Only that. But that.


~ Galway Kinnell ~