Energy Readings & Healings


The intent of this hour long energy reading is to look at where you are in your current life cycle from a present time perspective and to offer you information as to what parts of your energy system are compromised, the energy dynamics in your body/space that are creating the compromise and how that is affecting you in your current state of being.

The reading is divided into 3 components. A rose reading – using the symbol of a rose to represent where you currently are in this life cycle and how you are experiencing this. An aura reading – looking at 7 major areas/layers in your energy system that pertain to how you meet the world in relation to various aspects of your being and how this affects you in your current reality. There will be 10-15 minutes at the end of the reading for questions.

The aim of the reading is to assist you in accessing your own information and truth. Some time may also be spent on healing if appropriate.


1 hour session     $70


The aim of this 15 minute spiritual healing technique is to assist you in running more of your own energy so that you can more fully inhabit your body/space. In running more of your own essential energy, healing and wellness naturally occur.

This is a hands off healing where as the healer, I am working with a neutral (non personal) healing energy assisting you in clearing your grounding, aura, main sets of energy channels as well as your 7 major chakras. The premise of this healing technique is that all healing is self healing.