Classes & Workshops

Centering and Grounding – Workshop – 2.5 Hours

In this two and a half hour introductory workshop, you will learn two simple, effective and potentially life changing meditation tools to help you access whole and sustainable states of being with anything you encounter in your life.

Centering: Centering is the spiritual tool used to help you locate yourself from within. This raises your awareness of your “true you” so that you can be authentically present in all aspects of your life.

Grounding: Grounding is the spiritual tool used to make it possible to sustain that awareness and connection in the body.

January 9th 2018

Cost: $35

Time: 7pm – 9:15pm

Location: 1667 128th street South Surrey (inside Ocean Park Mall)

*Pre-registration is required one week prior to the class date*

* If you decide to take class 1, $20 from the workshop will be credited towards your class*


 Class 1 – Spiritual Tools (8 Week series)

In Spiritual Tools Class 1 you will learn practical meditation tools through which you will develop an integrated understanding of “energy awareness” such as how your energy system works and how to use this vital system for self-healing. You will learn the essential building blocks to integrate a simple and effective meditation practice you can use with eyes closed eye as well as eyes open, being in the world.

The aim of this class is to provide you with an abundant spiritual tool kit that will enable you to be authentically present in all aspects of your life and to awaken to who you already are as spirit, so that you can be the bright light that only you can be.

2018 Dates: Class 1 Feb/Mar Dates canceled. Please check back in January 2018 for more class dates.

Time: 7pm – 9:15pm

Cost: $295

Location: 1667 128th street South Surrey (Inside Ocean Park Mall)

*Pre-registration required by Jan 30th 2018


Class 2 – Healing Relationships (7 week series)

Part of healing relationships involves encountering your relationship dynamics more consciously from a centered and grounded state. In Spiritual Tools Class 2 you will further the integration of your class 1 tools practicing a conscious use of the tools in your relationships – relationships with your people, with yourself, with spirit both in and out of body.

Some of the other states of being that you will practice that profoundly affect how you are in relationship:

  • Separations- Being in relationship with someone while having the ability to sustain appropriate separations so that you can have intimacy with people in your life without loss of self.
  • Appropriate Responsibility – When you are connected from who you are as essence you can know the difference between what is yours to do and what’s not-therefore accessing your ability to respond appropriately.
  • Clean Giving and Receiving – When you are centered and grounded and living from an authentic and  integrous state you have the capacity to give and receive cleanly – without any investments or attachment to outcome.
  • Sympathy/Apathy/Empathy – Discerning the differences between the key energy dynamics of these states while practicing the spiritual state of Empathy: To be appropriately connected in relationship with someone or something while still having access to neutrality and separations.

One of the other major pieces you will learn in class 2 class is the technique for giving someone a 15 minute Spiritual Healing.

2018 –  Dates TBA 

Cost: $295

Location: 1667 128th street South Surrey (Inside Ocean Park Mall)

*Pre-registration required by March 23rd 2018

Classes generally consist of an 8 weeks series of 2.5 hour classes. Classes range between 2-10 people in a group learning environment and includes both open practice and closed eye meditations.

  • Class 1 is a pre-requisite for this class