I, like many do not need convincing that regular Pilates classes provide numerous benefits: they help with flexibility, core strength, posture and they have even helped keep my chronic back pain at bay. However, finding a good instructor is key to reaping the benefits of the program. After many classes with well-meaning practitioners, I found Lori Thompson at Mindful Movement. Lori is not someone who has taken a short course so she can teach basic routines. Rather, Lori is a true professional who has devoted a lifetime to learning the body & kinetic movement. In Pilates she is equally good with beginners & advanced students. She makes sure the body is always perfectly aligned, that every muscle in your body is doing what it should, & she doesn’t miss a breath or twitch. However, heed this warning, if you take a Pilates class with Lori you’ll never be satisfied with anyone else in the Lower Mainland.”

Penelope Peters (Professor Emerita)

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease, which was causing me tremendous pain in my lower back to the point where I had trouble walking.  I began Pilates with Lori at Mindful Movement, and my back improved immediately.  I do not experience pain in my back anymore. My posture has improved, as well as my flexibility and overall core strength.  I have now been with Lori for close to 4 years and if I miss a week of classes I can feel my back tighten up right away.  After all this time I still look forward to our weekly classes.”

Chelan Barclay, (Counsellor)

I began participating in Lori’s Pilates in 2007. I have to admit I was skeptical about finding someone that could help me with “CORE STRENGTH” for my up-coming Ironman race. I soon discovered the true benefits of working with an experienced and knowledgeable “Coach of Pilates”. I have always been somewhat intimidated by the thought of using a trainer/coach, but as soon as I signed up with Lori I have never looked back. Whatever your personal goals are they will be achieved with Lori. Thanks for the past two years !!”

Greg Ganz (Ironman)